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At Our Red Eagle, we are building an index of inquiries and insights on the economic, cultural and sociopolitical spheres of Nigeria.

Our responses are accurate, but continuous improvement is our ideal. There is no better way to achieve this ideal than by welcoming expert contributors in areas outside our current expertise.

Here are four qualities that we evaluate every article against:

  1. Simple  – Is the article easy to read? Does it contain simple grammar and vocabulary? Can it be finished in one sitting? Are paragraphs within 3-4 sentences? Are there sub-headings that introduce ideas covered in multiple paragraphs (specifically for longer articles)?
  2. Accessible – Is the article accessible to as many Nigerians as possible? Are the ideas, metaphors, idioms and figures of speech something Nigerians can appreciate?
  3. Thoughtful – Is the article well researched? Does it cover important topics such as politics, finance and governance etc.?
  4. Constructive – Does the article demonstrate a bias for action? As opposed to just describing a problem, does it give practical steps on how the described problem can be solved? Does it contain information with the potential to spur action, optimism and hope – either from the individual or the government?

Two final and very important points to note are that we only publish articles that are non-partisan and short-form. Our definition of short-form is nothing more than 1500 words.

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